Ovis Awards 

2005: Jesús Yurén

Jesus shares a moment with Rick Taylor (R) the artist
that creaed the original OVIS bronze.

The 2005 Ovis is being presented to Senor Jesus Yuren of Mexico City, Mexico. Jesus Yuren completed his Grand Slam in 1978 with a Stone sheep from British Columbia. He completed a second Grand Slam in 1989, again with a BC Stone. His Ovis World Slam was completed in 1989 with a Dagestan (Eastern) tur. In 1988, Jesus took his twelfth Capra species, a Himalayan tahr from Nepal, to complete a Capra World Slam. He went on to get the Capra World Slam Super 20 in 1992, when he scored on a Bukharan markhor in Turkmenistan. The Ovis World Slam Super 20 became a reality for Jesus in 1994 when he took a Sair argali ram in China. Altogether, Jesus Yuren has some fifty wild sheep to his credit. He has taken an amazing 33 mountain Capra animals over the years. There is no doubt that the 2005 Ovis recipient is one of the greatest wild sheep and goat mountain hunters of all time.

Jesus with his Sulaiman markhor taken in 1990.

2005 OVIS recipient Jesus Yuren offers a few humble
acceptance remarks while GSCO Executive Director
Dennis Campbell (L) looks on.