Ovis Awards 

2006: Dr Robert (Bob) Speegle

Dr. Robert ‘Bob’ Speegle offers remarks from the
podium after receiving the 2006 OVIS.

When considering the next recipient of the Ovis, the challenge for the selection committee seemed to be great. However, about mid-year, when ballots began to be tallied, it became obvious that the 2006 Ovis recipient would once again be a most deserving one. The Ovis has always been presented as a complete surprise. When the name Bob Speegle was called, Bob’s hands immediately slapped his forehead in total surprise. As he slowly rose to his feet, so did the rest of the audience. Practically everyone there knew of this tremendous hunter’s decades of climbing the mountains and tremendous accomplishments. Even though Dennis Campbell introduced Bob and the video retrospective of his hunting career, Rex Baker got the honor of presenting the actual bronze award. Rex and Bob have become special friends over the years, and it was an emotional moment for both of these great men to be able to share in this surprise honor. Even though totally taken aback, Bob recovered nicely and gave a moving acceptance speech. The crowd was in an absolute hush, hanging on his every word. It is not often that a man of Bob Speegle’s hunting experience is on stage for so many of his peers to have an opportunity to hear his most intimate thoughts and comments.

Dr. ‘Bob’ is presented the OVIS bronze by
GSCO life member Rex Baker (L) and
Executive Director Dennis Campbell.

Bob Speegle with a desert bighorn taken in 2006.