Ovis Awards 

2007: Rex Baker

2007 OVIS recipient expresses his gratitude from the
podium with the OVIS bronze in the foreground.

The 2007 Ovis recipient is just as worthy as our previous five honorees. This man is not only one of the world’s greatest mountain sheep and goat hunters, but he is a long-proven wildlife conservationist. Rex Baker of Marietta, Georgia has been a world sheep and goat hunter practically since he began hunting the mountains in the late 1970s. His first sheep was a Stone in 1976, and by 1978 he had completed a Grand Slam. That same year, Rex ventured to Iran where he took five different sheep on one trip. So, it did not take long for Rex to begin his quest in the world’s mountains. On that same 1978 trip to Iran, Rex did not neglect hunting the goats either, as he also took a Persian desert ibex. As a matter of fact, Rex recognized the significance and value of the mountain goats of the world as trophy animals early in his hunting career,and almost had a Capra World Slam by the early 1980s.He went on to complete his Capra Slam in 1998, and shortly thereafter reached the Capra Super 20 level. Rex completed his first Ovis World Slam in 1980. Rex went on to the Ovis Super 30 level in 2006. Rex has divided his list of sheep in such a way that he can account for four totally separate Ovis World Slams of 12 sheep each. He even has a few extras besides that, with a total of 51 rams to date. He has certainly been busy on the sheep mountains. When one looks at Rex’s Ovis list, there are obviously many of the blanks filled in. For example, besides his Grand Slam he has all of Russia’s snow sheep except the Putorana, and he even went there for a try for that one. He has all the importable argalis, including the three from Mongolia,as well as the Marco Polo from Tajikistan and Hume from Kyrgyzstan. He has three different blue sheep from China, and one from Nepal. He also has four of the different urials and several mouflons. All totaled, Rex has registered an amazing 77 mountain sheep and goats with GSCO, which helps to explain why he was the 2002 Weatherby Award winner. The Ovis was created to give honor and recognition to the greatest mountain hunters and conservationists in the world. Surely the Ovis committee could have found no more deserving recipient for 2007.

Rex Baker with a desert sheep taken in 2008.

Rex and wife Shirley pose with the OVIS bronze while
hunting legend Craig Boddington looks on.