Ovis Awards 

2008: Archie Nesbitt

Archie offers a few remarks as GSCO Executive Director
Dennis Campbell looks on in the background.

In 2008 for the first time ever the OVIS voting resulted in a tie with prolific bow hunters Tom Hoffman and Archie Nesbitt sharing the honor. Archie Nesbitt completed his Archery Grand Slam in March 2000 with a desert sheep to become the fourteenth person to do so. All totaled, Archie has ten archery-taken North American rams to his credit. The first one dates to 1982, and he has three Dalls, three Stones and three bighorns, with his one Grand Slam desert ram from 2000.

Archie completed his Archery Ovis World Slam in 2004 as only the second bow hunter to do so. He stayed after the Ovis list of mountain game, and is now up to sixteen on that list. Some very notable sheep among those sixteen are his four different argalis, two different urials, two sheep from Iran, and even an aoudad from its native habitat in Chad. Archie also has the extremely difficult-to-get Dagestan (Eastern) tur.

As for an Archery Capra World Slam and Triple Slam, Archie was the first to accomplish that feat, on November 10, 2005. In all Archie has fourteen different trophy types from the Capra list, including a very rare goral from China.

2008 OVIS recipient Archie Nesbitt (R) shares a
moment on stage with co-recipient Tom Hoffman.

Archie Nesbitt with his 2010 Rocky Mountain Bighorn.