Ovis Awards 

2008: Tom Hoffman

A happy Tom Hoffman addresses the crowd after receiving
the 2008 OVIS. Co-recipient Archie Nesbitt is all smiles
in the background.

In 2008 for the first time ever the OVIS voting resulted in a tie with prolific bow hunters Tom Hoffman and Archie Nesbitt sharing the honor. Tom Hoffman completed his first Grand Slam on November 28, 1985. He was only the second person to do this by bow and arrow, and was less than a month behind Archery Grand Slammer #1, Jack Frost, who had completed his Slam on October 30, 1985. Tom went on to complete a second Archery Grand Slam in 1989. Tom was the first person to complete an Archery Ovis World Slam, and did so in 2002. He has gone on to take fifteen different trophy types from the Ovis list, which includes four different argalis, two urials and even the Dagestan (Eastern) tur. Tom has twelve archery-taken North American sheep, and before he became a bow-only hunter, he even took four North American rams with a rifle – the last of those was in 1978, so he has been a purist bow hunter for a long time.

Tom completed his Archery Capra World Slam in late 2006 as only the second person to do so, and thus became the second Archery Triple Slammer. 2008 co-recipient Archie Nesbitt was the first.

Tom Hoffman with his 2004 Blanford urial.

Tom and Archie pose with GSCO board members (L-R)
Dale Martin, Dennis Campbell, Francis Bouchard,
and Hugh Jacks.