Trophy Awards 

2010: All Categories – All Methods

2010 Bouchard Summit Award

The top rifle award is the Bouchard Summit Award named in honor of hunting legend and long time GSCO board member Francis X. Bouchard. Patrick White, (UT) was named 2010 recipient for his tremendous Rocky Mountain Bighorn. Joining Patrick on stage to present the award are GSCO board members Butch Kuflak (L) and Dale Martin (R).



The top archery award given each year is the Frost-Hoffman Summit Award for the top ram taken by an archer. 2010 recipient Ricardo Longoria, (TX) is all smiles on stage at the 6th annual Hunter & Outfitter convention in Las Vegas where he is joined by award namesakes Tom Hoffman (L) and Jack Frost (R). He achieved Summit status with his terrific Stone ram shown above.


Below is a complete list of recipients recognized at the 2010 Trophy Awards Banquet.

North American Rifle
SCI Score
Diamond Larry E. Johnson Jr Dall Sheep 174 7/8 Freelance Outdoor Adventures
Platinum Joel Bender Dall Sheep 169 2/8 Freelance Outdoor Adventures
Gold Tyler D. Benton Dall Sheep 167 5/8 Alaska Hunting Adventures
Diamond Alan Means Stone Sheep 174 0/8 Folding and Terminus Mountain Outfitters
Platinum Jim Fisher Stone Sheep 172 4/8 Deuling Stone Outfitters
Gold Paul Gustin Stone Sheep 172 2/8 Trophy Stone Outfitters
Silver James Wilson Stone Sheep 171 1/8 High and Wild Wilderness Safaris
Bronze Greg Strait Stone Sheep 170 7/8 Prophet Muskwa Outfitters
Diamond Scott Jesseman California Bighorn 173 3/8 Tucannon Outfitters
Platinum Michael Robertson California Bighorn 172 6/8 self guided
Gold David Myrup California Bighorn 166 3/8 self guided
Diamond Patrick L White Rocky Mtn Bighorn 202 5/8 self guided
Platinum Jimmy John Liautaud Rocky Mtn Bighorn 198 5/8 Chase Hill Outfitters
Gold Jim Anthony Rocky Mtn Bighorn 195 3/8 Whiskey Ridge Outfitters
Silver Michael Runyan Rocky Mtn Bighorn 193 6/8 Altimus Adventures
Bronze Greg Strait Rocky Mtn Bighorn 186 1/8 Barker Trophy Hunts
Bronze Chris Dianda Rocky Mtn Bighorn 184 6/8 Tucannon Outfitters
Bronze Brett Axton Rocky Mtn Bighorn 182 6/8 Sangre De Cristo Outfitters
Bronze Kirk Clinkingbeard Rocky Mtn Bighorn 181 7/8 Ramshorn Outfitters
Bronze John Legnard Rocky Mtn Bighorn 182 0/8 Sangre De Cristo Outfitters
Bronze Larry B Higgins Rocky Mtn Bighorn 181 2/8 Trinchera Property Management
Bronze Kent Stevinson Rocky Mtn Bighorn 181 2/8 Sangre De Cristo Outfitters
Bronze Shawn Wilson Rocky Mtn Bighorn 180 4/8 self guided
Diamond Rick Guinn Desert Bighorn 187 2/8 Tucannon Outfitters
Platinum Denis Dale Desert Bighorn 183 4/8 Tucannon Outfitters
Gold Joe L. Maslach Desert Bighorn 183 0/8 Self Guided
Silver Bradley Dale Desert Bighorn 182 1/8 Tucannon Outfitters
Bronze Bret C. Dolph Desert Bighorn 176 6/8 Alfredo Bonfil Outfitters
Bronze Ben Hollingsworth Desert Bighorn 176 1/8 Hide-N-Seek Outfitters
Bronze Cody Carlon Desert Bighorn 175 1/8 San Gorgonio Outfitters
Bronze Douglas Leech Jr Desert Bighorn 172 3/8 Tucannon Outfitters
Bronze Steve Bruggeman Desert Bighorn 171 7/8 Dewey Stockbridge
Bronze John F Moser Desert Bighorn 171 4/8 Ovis-Mexico Hunts
Bronze Steve Melton Desert Bighorn 168 3/8 Little Horn Outfitters
Bronze Paul C. Anderson Desert Bighorn 168 1/8 High Desert Wild Sheep Guides
SCI Score
Diamond Frank S. Noska IV Dall Sheep 154 7/8 Self guided
Diamond Ricardo Longoria Stone Sheep 164 1/8 High and Wild Wilderness Safaris
Platinum Tom Hoffman Stone Sheep 159 5/8 Yukon Stone Outfitters
Gold Anna Norris Vorisek Stone Sheep 155 0/8 Tuchodi River Outfitters
Silver Mike Larson Stone Sheep 151 1/8 Gundahoo River Outfitters
Diamond John MacPeak California Bighorn 155 6/8 Grand Slam Safaris
Diamond Mike Larson Rocky Mtn Bighorn 174 2/8 Simpson Stone Sheep LTD
Platinum Gary M. Martin Rocky Mtn Bighorn 159 2/8 Simpson Stone Sheep LTD
Gold Greg Bokash Rocky Mtn Bighorn 154 4/8 Guinn Outfitters
Diamond Rick Duggan Desert Sheep 170 5/8 Nevada High Ridge Outfitters
Platinum Anna Norris Vorisek Desert Sheep 163 3/8 Ovis-Mexico Hunts
Gold Tom Hoffman Desert Sheep 160 3/8 Ovis-Mexico Hunts
Silver Joe Keathley Desert Sheep 157 4/8 Ovis-Mexico Hunts
Bronze Scott Jankowski Desert Sheep 156 4/8 Elfuerte Outfitters
Bronze Nathan Andersohn Desert Sheep 155 3/8 Ovis-Mexico Hunts
Bronze Jim Horneck Desert Sheep 153 2/8 Elfuerte Outfitters