Ovis Awards 

2010: Dennis Campbell

By Executive Action of the GSCO Board of Directors, Dennis Charles Campbell has been posthumously awarded the OVIS. In making this award, the Board notes that while acting as GSCO Executive Director, Dennis steadfastly refused to be considered for the OVIS despite rising to a level commensurate for the award since 2010.

Dennis began his mountain hunting career in British Columbia in 1982, where he took a Stone sheep as well as an American mountain goat. On that trip, Dennis contracted “Ovis Pyrexia” and continued to pursue sheep, as well as the Capra species, over the next three and a half decades.

As for the Grand Slam, Dennis achieved #613 in 1995 with a desert bighorn in South Baja, Mexico. Dennis has two Grand Slams, with four Dalls, two Stones, two Fannins, four Rocky Mountain bighorns and a California bighorn.

Dennis registered his Ovis World Slam in 1998, Ovis Super 20 in 2003, and the Super 30 in 2006. His Capra World Slam was achieved in 2003, with the Super 20 in 2005 and the Super 30 in 2014. Dennis is #44 on the official Triple Slam list. For the Ovis species, Dennis has taken 33 different species with a total of 66 rams. As for the Capra, he has 31 species with 41 total goats to his credit.

Many more things could be said about Dennis Campbell here, but most of all in the hunting world, he wanted to be remembered as a mountain hunter and conservationist.