Legend Awards 

2012: Legend Butch White

Butch White certainly began his hunting career at an early age. He was just a youngster in 1950 when he bagged a Colorado muley. He began sheep hunting in the early 1950s as well, taking his first Dall sheep in 1954. By 1969, he had completed his Grand Slam and has a very low documentation number of 71. Butch was a banker by career and had many of his trophies displayed at the First National Bank of Durango. Although he was a pioneer for many Asian sheep hunts, he did not neglect the North American species along the way,taking several outstanding trophies along the way. He obviously hunted every continent, considering he was the Weatherby Award winner in 1983.

Let’s back up a little now and reveal that GSCO founder Bob Housholder was a man of modest means. In the early days he often had great difficulty in making ends meet to run the Grand Slam Club and print and mail the Bulletins. All along the way, Butch realized the need and came to Bob’s financial rescue many times. Then, at the time of Bob’s stroke, Butch did exactly what Bob had asked him to do some 15 years earlier. Yes, Butch took control of the situation and sent out letters searching for someone to take over for Bob handling every aspect of the process in a very professional way. After Dennis Campbell was chosen as Bob’s successor, Butch has continued to be a great supporter of GSCO, even to the present day.

So there you see how intimately involved Butch was in the early days, the transition, and his continued support of GSCO to this day.

There is a great possibility that the Grand Slam Club would have faded into the sunset many years ago had it not been for the contributions of time, effort and financial support by this man.