Ovis Awards 

2012: Maylon T White

Maylon T “Butch” White is presented with the 2012
OVIS as previous recipient Alan Means (L) and GSCO
board member Mark Hampton look on in the background.

Malon T “Butch” White was awarded the 2012 Ovis AND the 2012 Legend award, becoming the first-ever recipient of both. Butch White certainly began his hunting career at an early age. He was just a youngster in 1950 when he bagged a Colorado muley. He began sheep hunting in the early 1950s as well, as evidenced by a 1954 Dall sheep. By 1969, he had completed his Grand Slam and has a very low documentation number of 71. Butch was a banker, and not a politically correct one. He had many of his trophies displayed at the First National Bank of Durango.

Butch receives warm congratulations from his wife while
posing for photos with his OVIS bronze. Butch was
presented with the Legend award the same year.

Butch White with a desert bighorn ram taken in 2008.