Trophy Awards 

2013: All Categories – All Methods

2013 Bouchard Summit Award

For 2013, both North American Summit Awards categories resulted in a tie. James Brogan’s amazing Rocky Mountain bighorn brought him the honor. He is pictured above receiving the award from GSCO board member Keith Hite (L).


2013 Bouchard Summit Award

Michael J. Carpinito’s fantastic Desert Ram gave him equal share of the 2013 Bouchard Summit Ram Award for rifle taken rams. Presenting the award to Michael is GSCO board member Mark Hampton (R).



The 2013 Frost-Hoffman Summit Award for archery taken rams also resulted in a tie for 2013. Long-time Yukon outfitter Dan Reynolds was recognized for his amazing Dall sheep. Award namesakes Jack Frost (L) and Tom Hoffman (R) presented the award.



Jim Hens was also honored as a Frost-Hoffman Summit Award recipient for his outstanding Stone sheep. Jim’s guide Dustin Roe (middle left) joined him on stage for the presentation.



Award winner Troy Sheldon (R) was all smiles as he received the Donald Cox International Capra Award for his fantastic American mountain goat.



Richard Sand was awarded the first-ever Golabchi International Sheep Award for his tremendous Hangay argali. He is joined on stage by guide Kaan Karakaya (L) as Award namesake Soudy Golabchi (R) presents him with the plaque.


Below is a complete list of recipients recognized at the 2013 Trophy Awards Banquet for North American sheep taken by firearm.

Rank Name Animal SCI Score Outfitter / Guide
Diamond Bryce McGough Dall Sheep 173 6/8 Self-guided
Platinum Mike A. Carpinito Dall Sheep 169 3/8 Ram Head Outfitters
Gold Michael J. Carpinito Dall Sheep 166 1/8 Ram Head Outfitters
Gold Clay Colwell Dall Sheep 166 1/8 Reynolds Outfitting
Silver Doug Sayer Dall Sheep 165 3/8 Arctic Red River Outfitters
Diamond J.C. Hover Stone Sheep 171 5/8 Yukon Big Game Outfitters
Platinum Richard L’Esperance Stone Sheep 170 5/8 Yukon Big Game Outfitters
Diamond Walter Chuck California Bighorn 178 3/8 Self-guided
Platinum Thomas J. Little California Bighorn 178 1/8 Self-guided
Gold Chuck Duffy California Bighorn 167 7/8 Virgil’s Desert Bighorn Hunts
Silver Bruce Moe California Bighorn 166 6/8 Self-guided
Diamond James Brogan Rocky Mountain Bighorn 205 2/8 Chase Hill Outfitters
Platinum Glenn Martin Jr. Rocky Mountain Bighorn 197 5/8 Self-guided
Gold Doug Sayer Rocky Mountain Bighorn 195 0/8 Self-guided
Silver Nick Best Rocky Mountain Bighorn 194 4/8 Self-guided
Bronze Kirby Edens Rocky Mountain Bighorn 190 4/8 One-on-One Outfitters
Bronze Thomas Martini Rocky Mountain Bighorn 187 2/8 Self-guided
Bronze Clay Perschon Rocky Mountain Bighorn 185 4/8 Chase Hill Outfitters
Bronze Matthew Jurad Rocky Mountain Bighorn 184 2/8 Backcountry BC & Beyond
Bronze Thomas Lemmerholz Rocky Mountain Bighorn 183 3/8 Altimus Adventures
Diamond Michael J. Carpinito Desert Bighorn 194 3/8 H & H Outfitters
Platinum Gustavo Arvelo Desert Bighorn 185 4/8 Little Horn Outfitters
Gold Roman DeVille Desert Bighorn 185 1/8 Amigos Guides and Outfitters
Silver Esteban Larragain Desert Bighorn 185 0/8 Desert Hunt
Bronze Derral Crance Desert Bighorn 183 7/8 Southwest Hunting Adventures
Bronze Kenneth Gerhardt Desert Bighorn 183 6/8 Hide-N-Seek Outfitters
Bronze Al Hankins Desert Bighorn 183 2/8 Subdireccion de Vida Silvestre
Bronze Ernest Bunch III Desert Bighorn 182 1/8 Little Horn Outfitters
Bronze Mark T. Miller Desert Bighorn 181 5/8 Double H Outfitters
Bronze Kenneth W. Nelson Desert Bighorn 180 5/8 Rancho Puerto Posados
Bronze Timothy Rogers Desert Bighorn 176 0/8 Little Horn Outfitters
Bronze Laurel Leavitt Desert Bighorn 173 5/8 High Desert Outfitters
Bronze Michael Smith Desert Bighorn 172 1/8 High Desert Outfitters
Bronze J.D. “Des” Woods Desert Bighorn 171 3/8 Altimus Adventures
Bronze David Turchanski Desert Bighorn 171 2/8 Desert Hunt
Bronze Mike Adams Desert Bighorn 170 5/8 Ejido Alfredo V. Bonfil

Below is a complete list of recipients recognized at the 2013 Trophy Awards Banquet for North American sheep taken by archery.

Rank Name Animal SCI Score Outfitter / Guide
Diamond Dan Reynolds DALL SHEEP 174 2/8 Self-Guided
Platinum Frank Noska IV DALL SHEEP 160 5/8 Self-Guided
Gold Tharen Soroka DALL SHEEP 154 0/8 Mackenzie Mountain Outfitters
Silver Bill Tittle DALL SHEEP 151 1/8 Ram Head Outfitters
Diamond Jim Hens STONE SHEEP 180 6/8 Big Nine Outfitters
Platinum Edward (Ned) Greer STONE SHEEP 154 5/8 BC Safaris
Diamond Brian Ham ROCKY MOUNTAIN BIGHORN 174 3/8 Self-Guided
Diamond Edward (Ned) Greer DESERT BIGHORN 149 0/8 El Fuerte Outfitters

Below is a complete list of recipients recognized at the 2013 Trophy Awards Banquet for International species taken by archery.

Rank Name Animal SCI Score Outfitter/Guide
Diamond Wayne Farnsworth Jr. Gredos ibex 90 1/8 Giuseppe Carrizosa
Platinum Tharen Soroka Gredos ibex 77 0/8 Giuseppe Carrizosa
Gold Tharen Soroka Iberian mouflon 110 6/8 Giuseppe Carrizosa

Below is a complete list of recipients recognized at the 2013 Trophy Awards Banquet for international sheep and Capra taken by firearm.

Rank Name Animal SCI Score Outfitter
Diamond Richard Sand Hangay argali 247 1/8 Shikar Safaris
Platinum Mike Adams Himalayan blue sheep 132 7/8 Nepal Wildlife Adventures
Platinum Renee Snider Yakutia snow sheep 162 7/8 Kulu Safaris
Gold Joshua Spies Gobi argali 215 1/8 Shikar Safaris
Gold Daryll Hosker Marco Polo argali 224 1/8 Yuri Matison
Silver Daryll Hosker Afghan urial 137 3/8 Shikar Safaris
Silver Darryl Hastings Blanford urial 130 6/8 Shikar Safaris
Bronze Alejandro Reyes Hangay argali 226 2/8 Mogol Tours
International Capra
Rank Name Animal SCI Score Outfitter
Diamond Troy Sheldon American mountain goat 35 7/8 NW Ranching & Outfitting
Platinum Rose Rackman American mountain goat 32 7/8 Self-guided
Platinum Ronald Volrath Carpathian chamois 29 3/8 Point Blank Hunts
Platinum Alejandro Reyes Gobi ibex 114 2/8 Mongol Tours
Gold Robert Duhadaway Pyrenean chamois 25 3/8 Trophy Hunting Spain
Gold Jerry Bush Bezoar ibex 120 2/8 Caprinae Safaris
Gold Savara Hastings Sindh ibex 109 2/8 Shikar Safaris
Gold Alan Brimacombe Gredos ibex 93 0/8 Giuseppe Carrizosa
Silver Jesus Viego Gonzalez Canabrian chamois 21 6/8 Espacaza
Silver Darryl Hastings Southeastern ibex 82 0/8 Fernando Saiz
Silver Savara Hastings Bezoer ibex 116 2/8 Shikar Safaris
Silver Pete Mowbray Ronda ibex 71 4/8 Toquero Hunting
Bronze Alejandro Reyes Mid Caucasian tur 145 4/8 Anton Tonchev
Bronze Bela Hidvegi Mid Caucasian tur 145 2/8 Vladimir Treschov
Bronze Farley Daniels Altay ibex 107 0/8 Juulchin
Bronze Mike Adams Sindh ibex 99 7/8 Caprinae Safaris
Bronze Brian Hauck American mountain goat 30 5/8 McConnell & Company

Below is a complete list of recipients recognized at the 2013 Trophy Awards banquet for international introduced species. 

Rank SCI Score Name Animal Outfitter/Guide
Diamond 116 5/8 J.D. “Des” Woods Bezoar ibex Pronghorn Guide Service
Platinum 120 3/8 Pete Mowbray Red sheep McBride Hunting Service
Platinum 138 2/8 Dan Parks Aoudad Running H Hunts
Gold 116 5/8 Pete Mowbray Armenian mouflon McBride Hunting Service
Silver 25 7/8 Joseph P. Sebo Jr. New Zealand chamois New Zealand Mountian Hunting Ltd.
Bronze 42 4/8 George Harms New Zealand tahr New Zealand Mountian Hunting Ltd.