Ovis Awards 

2013: Renee Snider

Renee poses with her OVIS bronze and past OVIS
recipients Butch White (L) and Tom Hoffman.

Renee Snider offers a humble acceptance speech after becoming the first-ever female recipient of the Ovis. Upon receiveing the 2013 Ovis, Renee becomes the first lady to ever win one of the major hunting awards in the big game hunting industry that was not specifically designated for women. She has traveled to every huntable continent in her pursuits and has more than 300 different species and subspecies to her credit. She has had to travel to many countries where women do not necessarily feel comfortable, but she has gone fearlessly into all cultures and has been loved by all along the way with her bright smile and extremely positive attitude. Reenee earned documented Grand Slam #927 in 2000 and became only the 35th lady to accomplish that feat. In 2002, Reenee completed the Ovis World Slam, and in 2004 the Capra World Slam. But wow, she sure did not stop with twelve of each! She is the only woman to ever reach the Ovis World Slam Super 30 AND Capra World Slam Super 30. As a matter of fact, there are only seven other people who have ever reached that level. She has mountain hunted every single year, while mixing in a lot of other hunting as well. We could go on and on about this lady, but maybe we have convinced you… if you were not already convinced… that she is one of the most deserving recipients of the Ovis ever.

2013 OVIS recipient Renee Snider delivers the most
genuine of humble acceptance speeches.

Renee Snider with a Tian Shan argali taken in 2010.