Pantheon Awards 

2014: Dennis Campbell

Dennis Campbell began hunting with his father as a boy and took his first whitetail deer at age 12. He has continued to passionately hunt whitetails in Alabama every season to this day. His first big game hunt outside Alabama was the year after his graduation from pharmacy school. That was in 1977 when he went to Wyoming and took a four by four elk that he says is still one of his favorite trophies because of his memories of the hunt he shared with his father. This began the long big game huntingcareer for Dennis. He got sheep fever while on a British Columbia moose and caribou hunt in 1981, when he saw a group of Stone rams. 1982 found him back in BC after Stone sheep and mountain goat. He continued to hunt North American big game and while specializing in wild sheep, he was also after all the other North American big game animals as well. He completed his Grand Slam #613 with a desert sheep from South Baja, Mexico in January 1995. Dennis ventured to the African continent in 1996 for a plains game hunt in Zimbabwe. He even got a leopard there. The hunt was not very successful otherwise, and for that reason, and the fact he had mountain hunting fever, he put off returning to Africa for several years. Dennis’s first trip outside North America was an unsuccessful snow sheep hunt to Russia in 1993. The world’s mountains continued to call him, and in 1996 he took his first non-North American Ovis trophy, a Hangay argali from Mongolia. He returned to Mongolia in 1997 and got the Altay argali and a Gobi ibex. There were many other hunts, and he completed his Ovis World Slam in January 1998 with an Armenian mouflon and red sheep taken in West Texas with Rowdy McBride. GSCO introduced the Capra World Slam to the hunting world in 2001. Dennis had to get pretty busy after the Capra trophies, but he did complete his Capra World Slam in November 2003 with a whirlwind hunt in Spain. Dennis continued to hunt North America, Europe and Asia for not only Ovis and Capra trophies but anything else the continents had to offer. Finally, in 2006 he ventured to South Africa for a very successful plains game trip. He darted a white rhino on that trip, and took a South African lion that got him a little closer to the Big Five. Frankly, things became a bit of a blur after that, as there were multiple trips every year and Dennis got around to hunting all the huntable continents. He was heavily invested in the SCI world hunting awards, and continued to rack up Grand Slams and Inner Circles. He reached the SCI World Hunting Award ring status in 2010, and finally SCI’s ultimate objective award, the World Conservation & Hunting Award, in 2012. He was presented that award at SCI’s 2013 convention. In early 2104, Dennis became only the third American to receive the Culminum Magistar award, behind Bob Speegle and Rex Baker. This is the top mountain hunter award for Europe. Dennis completed his Super Slam only a few months after GSCO introduced that new milestone. He hunted in Nevada in January 2010 to get his cougar, the only one of the twenty-nine required trophies he did not have. His North American hunting spans well over five decades. Dennis reached the Ovis World Slam Super 30 level in 2005, so that should be some indication of how obsessed he was with the wild mountain sheep of the world. He got to a second Grand Slam in 2010 and with two more desert sheep could get to four Grand Slams. Again, mountain sheep have been a big part of his life.Most people consider the Capra trophies of the world to be the most difficult, and that probably proved to be true with Dennis. After completing the Capra Super 20, he continued on, and as 2013 rolled around he needed only one more to get to the Super 30. That was the only trophy that stood between him and the Pantheon. He had a hunt booked for a Chartreuse chamois in October, but a permit problem and even hip surgery took that chance away, and it looked like he would not be inducted into the Pantheon in 2014. However, four weeks after the hip surgery, a permit became available and in mid-December 2013 he took the Chartreuse chamois in France to reach not only the Capra World Slam Super 30 but complete all the requirements for induction into the Pantheon.

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