Ovis Awards 

2014: Hector Cuellar

2014 OVIS recipient Hector Cuellar with (L-R) GSCO
board member Mark Hampton and past OVIS recipients
Soudy Golabchi, Alan Means, Rex Baker,
and Renee Snider

2014 Ovis recipient Hector Cuellar is all smiles as he poses with the Ovis bronze. As is customary, Hector was joined on stage by all the previous Ovis recipients. Pictured here (L-R) are Alan Means, Rex Baker, Hector and Renee Snider.

To say that 2014 Ovis recipient Hector Cuellar is an accomplished mountain hunter almost seems like an unfair understatement. In fact, with over 350 species and subspecies from around the world, no other Ovis recipient has mountain trophies approaching Hector’s numbers. He was presented with the Weatherby Award in 1986, and the Legend Award at the 2013 Hunter & Outfitter Convention in Reno, NV. Born in Mexico in 1931, Hector has certainly been at it for awhile. Of special note is the fact that after Hector’s double knee replacement in 2011 at 80 years of age, he traveled to the Caucasus Mountains and took the mid-Caucasian tur – the only tur he did not have. However, that tur was not big enough for Hector, so he went back in 2012 at age 81 and took a bigger one to suit his way of doing things. This is just one example of his lifelong dedication to pursue mountain game, literally all over the world. It is also just one of many reasons GSCO is so very pleased to honor this most accomplished yet humble man as the Ovis recipient for 2014.

Hector Cuellar with his 2015 Fannin sheep.

A proud and supportive family traveled from Mexico
to share in the moment with Hector.