Pantheon Awards 

2015: Alain Smith

Just like the other two inductees for 2015, it is pretty simple to describe Alain’s accomplishments. For example, he was the Weatherby Award winner for 2013, and won the Conklin Award for this year. He completed the Ovis World Slam Super 30 in 2014 and the Capra World Slam Super 30 in 2012. He did not neglect North America along the way, and of course also has the Super Slam. He received SCI’s World Conservation and Hunting Award in 2012. After winning the Weatherby and being a prolific author, Alain’s Type A personality drove him into a new career with a TV program. His highly successful “Rugged Expeditions” was launched in 2014, and GSCO is so pleased to partner with him for it.

Watch the entire Pantheon video presentation below