Pantheon Awards 

2016: Jim Shockey

Jim Shockey should be a very familiar name to even the most casual of big game hunting followers. Jim is host of one of Outdoor televisions most celebrated programs; Jim Shockey’s Outdoor Adventures. He also has operated a successful guiding operation for many years. In spite of these two full-time obligations, Jim still found time to complete and document all the milestones required for induction into the Pantheon. Jim completed his Super Slam of North American Big Game in a unique way taking all 29 species (and a walrus to make it an even 30) with his muzzleloader becoming the very first to do so by this method . In 2001 Jim completed Grand Slam #983. He went on to complete his Capra World Slam in 2009 and his Ovis World Slam in 2010. Next up was the SCI World Conservation and Hunting Award in 2012, and then of course all that remained was bringing the Capra and Ovis World Slams up to the Super 30 level. He completed this feat on a month-long expedition in Russia where he took the final snow sheep to qualify for the Ovis Super 30.

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