Pantheon Awards 

2016: Renee Snider

Who could be more deserving to forever carry the distinction of “First woman ever inducted into the Pantheon” than hunting Legend Renee Snider (CA)? By now Renee should be getting accustomed to such accolades as she was also the first lady to ever receive the presigious Weatherby Award and is the ONLY lady to have recieved the OVIS. Renee completed Grand Slam # 927 in 2000, her Ovis World Slam in 2002 and became Triple Slammer #52 when she completed her Capra World Slam in 2004. She has continued to mountain hunt throughout the years having reach the Super 30 level for both the Ovis and Capra species. Finally in 2015 she completed SCI’s World Conservation and Hunting Award to bring her to Pantheon status.

Watch the entire Pantheon video presentation below