Pantheon Awards 

2017: Jay Link

Jay Link finished all the rquirements for induction into the Pantheon when he completed his Ovis World Slam Super 30 in 2016. Upon doing so, he became the youngest international hunter to ever qualify for induction. Jay started hunting as a very young person in the middle 1980s. He became Grand Slammer #1150 in 1996, completed his Ovis World Slam in 2001, and and was assigned permanent Triple Slam #54 in 2004 when he completed his Capra World Slam. Always faithful to document his progress over the years, Jay has compiled more than 300 entries in the SCI record book. He qualified for the SCI World Conservation and Hunting Award in 2014. Jay also completed the Super Slam of North American Big Game with the auxiliary walrus. For a hunter to have achieved all of these remarkable accomplishments in the world of international hunting while still in his mid-40s is truly extraordinary.

Watch the entire Pantheon video presentation below: