Ovis Awards 

2022: Alexander Egorov

Alexander achieved his Grand Slam in January 2014 to receive number 1879, and has a total of seven different North American wild sheep.

Moving along to Alexander’s Capra species, he has taken 39 different Capra goats from around the world, with a total of 65 different wild goats to his credit. His original Capra World Slam was completed in 2012 with a Balkan chamois from Macedonia. In 2014 he reached the Capra Super 20 with a Dagestan (Eastern) tur from Azerbaijan and just one year later, Alexander reached number 30 on the Capra list with a bezoar ibex from Turkey. His most recent Capra trophy is a Kashmir markhor from Pakistan taken in December 2021.

When it comes to the world’s wild sheep, Alexander has certainly done his fair share of hunting, as he has taken 40 Ovis species with a total of 61 different rams. He completed his Ovis World Slam back in 2013 with a Dall sheep from NWT and the Super 20 came the very next year with a Kuban (Western) tur from his home country of Russia. In 2016, Alexander achieved his Ovis Super 30 with an Armenian mouflon from west Texas and he reached the Ovis Super 40 in 2021 with a North African aoudad from Morocco , becoming one of only 14 mountain hunters on the Ovis Super 40 list.