Pantheon Awards 

2024: Lee Anderson

Lee Anderson of Florida began hunting in 1985 after a friend told him an exciting story about a safari in Africa. Needless to say, Lee was captivated by it all and booked his own safari to South Africa the very next year. He never looked back, going on as many as six hunts to various wild places every year afterward.

Lee is passionate about mountain hunting, with a good African safari being a close second place. He says the way the SCI and Grand Slam Club/Ovis records are set up, it allows a hunter to put together a game plan to pursue multiple awards simultaneously with both organizations. Lee was fortunate to make four separate excursions to China before they closed all hunting, and he was successful in taking some of the highly desirable Ovis species found there. 

Lee achieved Grand Slam number 599 back in 1994 and in 2011 he reached number 30 on the Ovis World Slam list. His North American Super Slam was next, and he finished it in 2017, becoming the 155th person to do so. That same year he also met all the requirements for the SCI World Conservation and Hunting Award. Lee achieved his Capra World Slam Super 30 in February 2023, which earned him induction into the Pantheon.

Age is just a number for Lee and at 84 years young, he is one of the top contenders for both the Weatherby and Conklin Award, both of which he is still actively pursuing with the help and support of his biggest fan of 59 years, his lovely wife Penny.

In the photo above, participants in the 2024 Pantheon presentation were, L-R: Safari Club International (SCI) CEO Laird Hamberlin, 2024 Pantheon inductees Gerald Warnock, Justin Ragazzine, Lee Anderson and GSCO Executive Director Jason Price.