Ovis Awards 

2024: Daryll Hosker

Our 2024 OVIS recipient is Daryll Hosker of British Columbia.

Daryll joined GSCO as a Life Member back in 2000 and for several years he was focused mainly on hunting in North America in pursuit of the Super Slam and Grand Slam. Daryll completed his first Grand Slam, number 1488, in January 2009 with a desert bighorn from California and went on to complete a second Grand Slam in 2015 as well as the Magnificent Seven and Super Slam number 72.

Switching gears to international mountain hunting, Daryll really got after the various and Ovis and Capra species in the mid-2000s. His records show that he has taken 35 Capra species and 41 total Capra trophies. He achieved his Capra World Slam and Triple Slam number 171 in 2013 and just two years later reached number 20 on the Capra list. It only took him another three years to get his 30th Capra trophy, which he did in November 2018.

Moving along, Daryll certainly did not neglect the international Ovis species, and his numbers are quite impressive. He has a total of 41 species and 48 overall Ovis entries within the GSCO records. Daryll achieved his Ovis World Slam in 2011, the Ovis Super 20 in 2013, the Ovis Super 30 in 2017 and in October 2022 he became one of the few individuals to reach the coveted Ovis Super 40.

The photos on this page show a very small sample of some of the trophies that helped this deserving mountain hunter earn the OVIS, but obviously this doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of what all Daryll has accomplished and endured in pursuit of the world’s wild mountain game that we all revere so much.

Daryll is truly a dedicated hunter/conservationist and is heavily involved in all the major conservation organizations. His passion for wildlife and wild places keeps him pursuing adventure. Daryll is a shining example of the GSCO mantra that “Hunting is the #1 Conservation Tool.” Considering all of this, and so much more, ladies and gentlemen, would you join with us in helping us honor Daryll
Hosker as the 2024 recipient of the OVIS.