About Us



Thanks to the generosity of our loyal member, GSCO has been able to continue to be the established documentation and records-keeping organization for legally taken Grand Slams of North American Wild Sheep, Ovis and Capra World Slams, Youth 3, Super Tens, Super 25s and Super Slams of North American Big Game.  It is through these milestones that we promote, excite, and challenge our members to pursue game throughout the world.  We truly believe that Hunting Is The #1 Conservation Tool. 

However, we also feel that it is necessary to do even more.


With the assistance of the newly formed French Outfitters Association (FOA) we have just completed our first French Mainland Corsican Mouflon (FMCM) conservation project consisting of more than 5 hectares of heavy mulching, substantial light mulching and more than 15 hectares of cultivation for habitat improvement with great success in southern France.


Also, in partnership WSSBC we will be helping with a prescribed burn for wild sheep enhancement in Northeastern BC with the overall goal of restoring and enhancing the habitat to ensure sustainable sheep populations and to support ecosystem diversity at a landscape scale. The objectives of the burn program are to:

  1. using prescribed fire, treat between 250-1,000 ha of sheep habitat annually to sustain and enhance lambing, summer, and winter sheep habitat across northeastern BC,
  2. measure the effectiveness of prescribed burn treatments on achieving habitat and wildlife objectives, and
  3. extension and reporting of results. Secondary project objectives include:
  4. contribute to fuel management objectives,
  5. achieve landscape-level objectives identified in higher-level plans, and
  6. maintain ecosystem diversity.


Our foundation is also doing great things for not only hunting conservation but educating our youth on the importance conservation through hunting.  Just recently we were able to partner with R3 to hire 2 full time employees with a 3:1 match from the Pittman-Robertson Act.  The new additions will be instrumental in implementing our message of conservation into our education system.  This is a State by State initiative and we are hopeful with our partners we can expand into all 50 states in the very near future.

We are always on the look-out for opportunities to have a meaningful, sustainable impact on the conservation of North American and other mountain species of the world.