About Us


GSCO Hunting Heritage and Conservation Foundation

GSCO has established a new 501(c)3 non-profit corporation (GSCO-HHCF) to specifically support conservation and educational activities that directly impact GSCO-HHCF’s vision and the broad-ranging societal reality that “Hunting is the #1 Conservation Tool.”


GSCO-HHCF will be a dedicated vehicle for accepting and administering a variety of targeted and structured gifts, grants, and donations from public, corporate or private individuals. GSCO-HHCF will make contributions to various initiatives selected by its board as well as establishing and managing ongoing endowments, planned giving programs, or gifts from estates and/or trusts. GSCO-HHCF shall be recognized as an organization exhibiting outstanding fiscal transparency and sound financial practices, as well as one with an exceptionally low administrative load on earnings and contributions.

Administration and Governance

GSCO-HHCF is independent and at arm’s length from the current GSCO 501(c)3, and administered by a separate board of directors. The two organizations may collaborate on various projects from time-to-time, but their respective budgets shall not be co-mingled or otherwise directly tied to one another. All GSCO-HHCF administrative and governance processes and procedures shall follow the laws of the State of Alabama as well as those of the United States of America and the statues of the U.S. IRS. GSCO-HHCF may also make contributions in support of activities in different states and foreign nations as permitted by the U.S. federal government and the U.S. IRS.

    Project Areas and Activities to be Supported by GSCO-HHCF:

  • Youth hunting, hunter safety, youth hunting recognition.
  • Activities that recognize the benefits and impacts of trophy hunting.
  • Contributions to food banks and local stakeholder groups.
  • General education initiatives to youth and non-hunters regarding the positive role of hunting.
  • Conservation research and field project implementation.
  • Identification of current or newly identified subspecies whose conservation requires hunter support as well as the implementation of game management practices and government recognition.
  • Student scholarships (to targeted groups and/or impactful curricular majors).
  • GSCO Wounded Veteran Program.
  • Other donor specified, and relevant initiatives as approved by the GSCO-HHCF BOD.




  1. Gary Bogner
  2. Danny Danell
  3. Brian Hauck
  4. Daryll Hosker
  5. Deron Millman
  6. Rick & Denise Guinn
  7. Pete Mowbray
  8. Archie & Cassie Smith
  9. Gary Young
  10. Lyle Wood
  11. Gary & Susan Tuohy
  12. John Amistoso
  13. Mike Borel
  14. Bruce Tatarchuk
  15. Charles Herron
  16. Farrel Gosman
  17. Rick Murphy
  18. Renee Snider
  19. Kevin Klumper
  20. Lee Anderson
  21. Jeff Demaske
  22. Edward Yates
  23. Rex Baker
  24. Brian Ham