Capra World Slam

The taking of a Capra World Slam is probably the single most physically difficult accomplishment in the mountain hunting world. The Capra goats live in some of the steepest, most difficult and dangerous mountain habitat on the face of the earth. Grand Slam Club/Ovis has defined well over 30 different trophy categories for the world’s wild mountain Capra species. An individual is designated as having achieved the Capra World Slam when he or she has successfully taken and documented with GSCO at least 12 different species or subspecies from the above-mentioned recognized trophy categories.

There are those who continue to hunt the difficult Capra goats even after achieving their Capra World Slam. For those, there are the additional milestones of the Super 20, Super 30, and Super 40. The hunters listed below have proven themselves to be some of the toughest hunters on earth and the incredible milestones they have accomplished represent a lifetime commitment to mountain hunting and conservation.