The Ovis Award

Grand Slam Club/Ovis introduced an award to the big game hunting world in 2002 that is simply known as the OVIS. The first recipient was the late Donald Cox of Michigan, and he certainly exemplified the prestige that this award would gain over time.

There is no argument that mountain hunting is the toughest type of big game hunting, period. Yes, there are other difficult hunts, like the rainforests of Africa and almost any hunt can turn into a tough one, but overall, mountain hunting stands alone as the most difficult endeavor.

The OVIS was conceived to recognize individuals who have had an overwhelming passion for hunting the mountains and doing so in fair chase and with total integrity. There is no application process for the Ovis. Each recipient has already earned the respect of their peers for their accomplishments as both hunter and conservationist. There is no doubt that every OVIS recipient has all fit that criteria.