Slam Quest Pinnacle

Grand Slam Club/Ovis is most pleased to have finally introduced the Slam Quest Pinnacle award. We say finally, because in reality this accomplishment has been around – without a name – ever since we introduced the Super Slam of North American Big Game in 2009. We had the Triple Slam for those who had taken a Grand Slam, Ovis World Slam and Capra World Slam, but with the introduction of the Super Slam, what were we going to do … have a Quadruple Slam? We thought not, and it just went to the back burner.

Finally, in early 2017, the powers that be at GSCO came up with what we thought was a very appropriate name for this most prestigious accomplishment. Of course, you see it now as the Slam Quest Pinnacle. Our Slam Quest logo has an elk, representing the Super Slam; an ibex for the Capra World Slam; an argali for the Ovis World Slam; and a North American sheep to represent the Grand Slam. That logo was created a few years ago with no thought at that time that the Pinnacle would come along. It is great when something like this happens, and GSCO is able to take advantage of work that has already taken place. How fortuitous!