Super 25

The Super 25 of North American Big Game was introduced in late 2011. Several GSCO members had written in with concerns about the difficulty in obtaining all 29 trophies necessary for the Super Slam, with the polar bear being the #1 concern. There are, in fact, several other trophies that present specific challenges as well, such as the desert sheep, Roosevelt and tule elk, and of late, even a couple of the caribou. With these and other considerations in mind, we knew there needed to be another level above the Super Ten. Twenty did not seem to be the right number, so we settled on the Super 25 and from its inception, this new level of recognition has been very well received. To qualify for this new award, one has to have completed a Super Ten – in other words, at least one from each of the 10 categories. After the Super Ten, to qualify for the Super 25, a member can have taken any additional 15 trophies on the list.