Super Ten

The Super Ten of North American big game has become the most popular award within the Grand Slam Club/Ovis family. So many of our members have begun to aspire to this milestone. To accomplish the Super Ten, one must do a lot of big game hunting in many different parts of North America. Furthermore, one must hunt not only the mountain species but the broad range of antlered game, and yes, the predators too. The Super Ten milestone has become extremely popular and we are proud to have introduced it to the big game hunting community.

To qualify for the Super Ten of North American Big Game, you must have at least one from each of the ten categories listed below.

Follow These steps to sign up for A “My 10” Membership For a chance to win!
  • MUST be a GSCO E-Mag, annual, or life member in good standing
  • In addition to a GSCO membership, one MUST purchase a $25 per year (auto renew) GSCO “My 10” Membership
  • Members MUST be in pursuit of their SUPER TEN and have NOT completed it
  • Members MUST document all North American species they have taken and submit hunt reports to GSCO to be featured in a future issue of Slam Quest magazine
  • Members MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN at the 2024 GSCO Convention in Dallas, Texas, January 25-27 (exact time & location TBA)
  • EACH “My 10” Member who is present will receive one ticket in the “My 10” Membership Drawing. The winner who is drawn gets their choice of hunt from their remaining hunts NEEDED on their Documented SUPER TEN!
  • Winning does not kick you out! “My 10” Members can participate each year as long as their SUPER TEN has not been achieved and all GSCO memberships are in good standing.
  • BONUS! We will have additional drawings for “My 10” Members during the year for Super Ten hunts and gear. The first drawing for “My 10” Members will be a muskox hunt with Gary Adams of Canadian High Arctic Adventures. This drawing will take place as soon as 500 “My 10” members sign up! For this muskox drawing, you do not have to be present to win. ONLY the first 500 “My 10” Members to join will be eligible for this drawing … so, sign up now!
  • The first 500 “My 10” Members of 2023 will receive a 20% discount at KUIU.
Additional Rules

All My 10 members must be present to win. Drawings are winner’s choice from the individual’s remaining species needed to complete their Super Ten. Winner chooses the general species! For example sheep, goat, bear, mountain lion, elk, moose, caribou, muskox/bison, deer or antelope. GSCO chooses the location and outfitter. Must be present to win drawings are non-transferable and must be taken within two years or a time specified by the outfitter and GSCO.

Other My 10 drawings: GSCO will conduct other drawings for hunts and gear available to My 10 Members that they need not be present to win. Some of the hunts to be drawn are pre-determined, but in certain circumstances, may be traded or upgraded with the outfitter with consent from both outfitter and GSCO. All hunts must be taken within two years of drawing or otherwise specified by the outfitter and/or GSCO.

My 10 Members must document the species they have taken toward their Super Ten milestone and also submit hunt reports to be featured in a future issue of Slam Quest magazine. Age requirements: Must be a minimum of 12 years old to participate in the My 10 Membership. Those under the age of 18 must provide a GSCO parental consent form. Those drawn under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian present during the hunt and adhere to the state laws in which the hunt is taking place regarding youth hunters.