Triple Slam

Grand Slam Club/Ovis has been documenting the Grand Slam of North American wild sheep for well over fifty years. In 1997, the Ovis World Slam, which required a mountain hunter to take twelve or more of the world’s wild sheep, was introduced. That was followed in 2001 when GSCO introduced the Capra World Slam. Recognition of the world’s wild goats in this manner had never been seen before, and paralleled the Ovis World Slam, except of course, it is the taking of twelve or more of the world’s wild Capra goats rather than sheep. Then, in the Winter 2005 issue of OVIS, the Triple Slam was seen for the first time. You should have guessed, of course, that the Triple Slam is awarded when a GSCO mountain hunter has taken the Grand Slam, Ovis World Slam and Capra World Slam.

Of note is that since 2005, there have been less than 200 individuals who have achieved the Triple Slam. Beginning in 2010, we assigned permanent Triple Slam documentation numbers, which of course parallel the permanent Grand Slam documentation numbers GSCO has been assigning for decades.