Trophy Awards

Each year since 2005, GSCO has been proud to present awards for outstanding trophies taken by mountain game hunters. Recognizing both firearm and archery taken trophies, the program has experienced tremendous growth and every year it seems we receive more terrific submissions than the year before. Beginning with our 2015 convention, we introduced the Super Slam Big Game Trophy Awards, including categories for all species on the Super Slam of North American Big Game list. The international segment of our program will continue to recognize the outstanding mountain game trophies taken around the world.

In 2008 two new awards were introduced. The Bouchard Summit Award is named after hunting legend and long-time GSCO board member Francis X. Bouchard and is given to the top rifle-taken ram each year. The Frost-Hoffman Summit award was also awarded for the first time at the 2008 convention. The award is named after legendary bow hunters Jack Frost and Ton Hoffman. Each year the award recognizes the top archery-taken ram. The tremendous quality of international trophies submitted each year prompted the introduction of parallel versions of these new summit awards with the Donald Cox International Capra Summit Award being presented for the first time in 2012 and the Golabchi International Sheep Summit Award in 2013. The Cox award recognizes the top Capra trophy submitted each year and is named after hunting legend and first-ever OVIS recipient, the late Donald Cox of Michigan. Prolific sheep hunter Soudy Golabchi of Georgia is the namesake for the award recognizing the top sheep trophy submitted each year. Soudy has the distinction of having submitted more Marco Polo argalis than any other hunter in our history. The newest of our Summit awards, presented for the first time in 2017 is the Bob Speegle Super Slam Summit Award. This award recognizes the top overall North American trophy submitted each year and is presented in both archery and firearm categories. Award namesake Dr. Robert ‘Bob’ Speegle is the first hunter to ever register two separate Super Slams. After completing his first super slam by firearm methods, Dr. Bob picked up a bow at the young age of 71 and took all 29 again by archery.

In 2015 The GSCO Trophy Awards program saw major expansion with the advent of the North American Trophy Awards. The top five submissions for all 29 species of North American big game on the Super Slam® list are recognized each year in both archery and firearm categories.



The deadline for submitting an entry for the 2024 GSCO Trophy Awards at the GSCO Convention will be NOVEMBER 1, 2023. Any entries received after that date will be held for the 2025 awards (if the trophy still meets the past five calendar year criteria).

If you have completed a GSCO hunting milestone (different from the GSCO Trophy Awards), such as a Grand Slam, Super Ten, Super Slam, Ovis or Capra World Slam, please be sure to submit your application(s) to by December 1 to be entered into our 2024 Awards Video/Stage Presentations at the GSCO Convention!


The 2024 GSCO TROPHY AWARDS deadline is NOVEMBER 1, 2023.

The 2024 GSCO MILESTONE AWARDS (Video/Stage Presentations) deadline is DECEMBER 1, 2023.

Please call the GSCO at 205-674-0101 or email if you have any questions about the upcoming 2024 awards presentations.

See the how to enter 2024 GSCO Trophy Awards by using the forms below.