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More than Numbers

(REPOST) Archiving, documenting and recognizing big game hunting accomplishments is not only one of our core services to members, it’s one of our favorite things to do around here. So you should know, when you go out to “complete” your Grand Slam or “finish” your Super Ten, you have a big cheering section here in the office pulling for you. We LOVE seeing the photos and hearing the stories of your adventures. In light of that, you may be interested to see a recent tally of registered Slammers we’ve compiled since 1956, when founder Bob Housholder began keeping notes. Of course with all the hunters in the field at any given moment striving toward these goals, this changes on a nearly a daily basis.

These numbers were originally posted in 2012, the updated 2017 figures have been included in this repost.

Original Post in 2012 2017 Growth Update
1728 Grand Slams (including 58 ladies) 1997 / 64 
52 Archery Grand Slams 65
265 Ovis World Slams 329
60 Ovis World Slam Super 20’s 102
17 Ovis World Slam Super 30’s 35
3 Ovis World Slam Super 40’s 7
198 Capra World Slams 294
66 Capra World Slam Super 20’s 84
11 Capra World Slam Super 30’s 33
0 Capra World Slam Super 40’s 2
155 Triple Slammers 208
83 Super Slams 147
19 Archery Super Slammers 30
113 Super Tens 210
6 Archery Super Tens 16
31 Super 25’s 76