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Hunt Report Guidelines

Hunters often ask for guidelines as to what their hunt reports should contain, how long it should be, etc. The GSCO staff likes to leave the content and style up to each hunter’s discretion; it is the individual nature of each report that contributes to the unique character of the magazine. That being said, here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • The species you were hunting and what outfitter you hunted with.
  • The date, mountain range, state/province, and country where your hunt took place.
  • A paragraph or two about an exciting aspect of your hunt. For example, you might write about the details of your stalk, a bear encounter, terrible weather, etc. Anything that you felt was a highlight of your hunt would be great to share.
  • Tips that you learned during your hunt that might help other members on future hunts.
  • A few details about the animal you took. How old was it? What were the horn lengths and base measurements?

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