Beginning with the Summer 2013 issue, GRAND SLAM, OVIS and SUPER SLAM were combined into one title, SLAM QUEST. Up until that time, members received GRAND SLAM and OVIS bound together on a quarterly basis. The SUPER SLAM publication was only published twice each year. Combining all three into a single publication was a natural next step. Not only do members get all they have gotten in the past, but now they get all the SUPER SLAM information quarterly rather than twice a year. It was a win-win situation all the way around. SLAM QUEST is a most appropriate name to represent all the amazing Slams, milestones and awards GSCO has developed over the years. Whether it is a Grand Slam, Ovis World Slam, Capra World Slam, Triple Slam, Super Slam, Super Ten or Super 25, at any given time there are literally thousands of our members on a particular “quest.” Whether you are after the Super Ten or the Pantheon, there really is no difference; we are all equal, and frankly it is the love of hunting and the “quest” for these magnificent animals that ties us all together. As the official record keeping organization for North American big game and international mountain hunting, it is our privilege to honor our members as they continue to succeed in achieving one or more of these prestigious milestones.

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