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Alpine Ibex

Capra ibex


Free-ranging populations in Italy, and also in Switzerland, Austria and adjacent parts of France, Germany, and Slovenia. Once again numerous in some areas, with the largest population in Switzerland.


This goat’s shoulder height is 30-34 inches and weighs about 225-275 pounds. The Alpine ibex is a stocky animal, darker in color than other ibex. Males have a small beard and large, impressive horns that are shorter, thicker and straighter than those of other ibex.


High mountains, normally above the tree line and at or below the snowline. Ibex evolved in arid mountains with little snow, and were never widely distributed in the Alps. Good ibex range is limited to mountains with little precipitation and with sunny, snow-free areas where the animals can survive the winter.


Alpine ibex are available to foreign hunters in Austria and Slovenia, and in Switzerland by special permit. When free-ranging, they offer excellent sport and are one of Europe's most prestigious big game animals because of their relative scarcity, the difficult terrain they inhabit, and the quality of the hunting experience.

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