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Altay Ibex

Capra sibirica sibirica


Predominantly in the Altay Mountains of Mongolia. However, there is a small population in the Sayan Mountains over the border of Mongolia in Russia.


A large ibex, up to 220 pounds, thick-legged and stoutly built, with a long, pointed chin beard and heavy, scimitar-shaped horns. The summer coat is short, becoming long, coarse and brittle in winter with a dorsal crest and thick undercoat. Color is variable, but generally in summer it is some shade of yellowish or grayish-brown with a darker dorsal stripe, dark under parts and legs, and without a lighter saddle patch. Winter coat is yellowish-white and usually there is a large, light saddle patch. The dorsal stripe, tail and beard are blackish-brown. The male's horns are large and impressive, curving around to form three-fourths of a circle and tapering to relatively slender points. Horns are relatively flat on the front surface and have well-defined cross ridges.


Open, precipitous terrain at any altitude.

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