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Astor Markhor

Capra falconeri falconeri


The Gilgit region of northern Pakistan on the slopes of Nanga Parbat and along the Indus River and its tributaries, among them the Gilgit, Astor and Hunza rivers. Along both banks of the Indus from Jalkot upstream to about Tungas near Skardu. Along the Gilgit as far upstream as Gakuch. Along the Astor as far as the Parashing Valley. Along the Hunza as far as Chalt.


This goat’s shoulder height is as much as 42 inches and weighs about 200-225 pounds. A large markhor. This is the typical race from which the species was first described. The coat is long and coarse in winter, though with very little under wool, and is much shorter in summer. The male's ruff is long and flowing. Typically, the horns of the Astor markhor flare very widely just above the base and have one to 1-1/2 twists, with the first turn being very large. They are massive and spectacular, though usually not as long as those of the Kashmir markhor. Most horns within the distribution range of the Astor markhor are of this type; however, horns of the Kashmir type with less flare and more twists are also seen. Heads from Baltistan, for example, are of a type between the Astor and the Kashmir.

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