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Bezoar Ibex

Capra aegagrus aegagrus


Anatolia (Asian Turkey), northeastern Iraq, most of Iran and adjoining western Afghanistan. Also, in Armenia and extreme southern Turkmenistan. Its range overlaps that of the Dagestan (Eastern) tur in the Caucasus, although the tur is at higher elevations. Boundaries with the Sindh ibex to the east are unclear.


This goat generally weighs less than 200 pounds. The bezoar is a beautiful animal with its blackish-brown markings contrasting dramatically with the lighter body color. Summer coat is a lighter reddish-brown color. The chin beard is long and black. Calluses develop on the knees and sometimes on the chest. Males have large horns and there is a distinct front edge which forms a keel for some distance, above which are bold, sharp-edged, widely separated knobs.


The bezoar ibex is sedentary, living its life in a small area. It favors steep, rocky terrain, whether in forests or arid regions. May be diurnal or nocturnal, depending on predator and human activity, but older males tend to sleep in hiding places (often caves) by day and feed at night. Both grazes and browses, often climbing trees to feed. Has been seen in trees 20 feet above the ground, and on limbs extending out over sheer cliffs. Extremely surefooted and agile. All senses are acute. This is an excellent game animal whose horns make a spectacular trophy.

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