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Central Canadian Barren Ground Caribou

Rangifer tarandus groenlandicus


These caribou live on the tundra, and are found on mainland NWT and Nunavut. They can also be found in extreme northeastern Alberta, northern Saskatchewan and northern Manitoba.


These caribou can vary in size dramatically, based on where they are found. The caribou found south and east in the Northwest Territories (NWT) and Nunavut are within this same CCBGC classification. They could be considered medium-sized, but with mature bulls ranging all the way from 250 to 450 pounds. Antlers for the CCBGC usually score about the same as the Quebec Labrador caribou. However, they score about 10 to 15 percent less than their western barren ground and mountain caribou cousins.


SCI categorizes the Arctic Islands caribou separately, and GSCO also recognizes the Arctic Islands caribou for the Rex Baker Super 40®. See Arctic Islands Caribou species for more information.

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