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Chartreuse Chamois

Rupicapra rupicapra cartusiana


This chamois is found only on the Chartreuse massif of the northern French Alps in southeastern France. Geographically it is part of the "Chaines Subalpines Septentrionales" and is home to the "Regional Nature Park Chartreuse." The political region is called "Rhone-Alpes" and lies between the cities of Grenoble and Chambéry. Against the East and Southeast the wide valley of the Isere divides it from the high alpine Chain of Belledonne. In the southwest of the Chartreuse Massif the Isere river makes a sharp curve and flows into the Cluse de l'Isère towards the northwest. This is the southwestern limit of the Chartreuse Massif and its border towards the Vercors Massif.


This goat’s shoulder height is around 30 inches and generally weighs less than 100 pounds. Summer coat is light brown. Winter coat is very dark brown to black, contrasting sharply with white areas of head, throat and rump, and with a dark facial mask very pronounced.


Hunter/collectors hunting for this species of chamois should be aware that France is host to three different chamois species: Pyrenean chamois, Chartreuse chamois and Alpine chamois.

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