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Chiltan Wild Goat

Capra falconeri jerdoni x Capra aegagrus blythi


In the early 1970s there were four or five populations in the Chiltan, Murdar, Koh-i-Maran, and Koh-i-Gishk ranges south of Quetta, Pakistan. By 1975, uncontrolled hunting by locals had reduced these to one population of about 170 animals in what is now Hazarganji-Chiltan National Park. Given protection within the park, the numbers increased to 480 by 1990.


Young males are reddish-gray, with increasing amounts of white and gray on shoulders and back. Some males have dark brown or almost black chests, and sometimes a dark shoulder stripe. Males do not have a ruff. The horns are the most distinctive feature, being intermediate in shape between those of a bezoar ibex and a markhor. They are flattened in cross section and sharply keeled in front (whereas markhor horns have the sharp keel in back) and form a long, open spiral that is normally a complete turn or a little more.

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