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Chinese Blue Sheep

Pseudois nayaur szechuanensis


Central China, where it is found in central and eastern Qinghai, western Sichuan, Gansu, southwestern Ningxia. Boundaries with the Tibetan blue sheep to the west are unclear.


Compared with the Himalayan blue sheep, the body size is 10-20% smaller and the color is lighter, being a buffy-brown. Facial mask is a lighter brown, sides of face are whitish and sides of neck are light buff. There is less black on front of neck and chest, and the black lateral band is narrower and stops several inches behind the shoulder instead of almost joining the dark chest patch. The horn length and circumference are also 10-20% smaller, but the tip-to-tip measurement is usually much greater. Horns grow outward horizontally, with little downward curve, then turn backward with the tips inclined upward.


Chinese blue sheep are usually hunted at higher altitudes than any other game animal. This is especially true in early autumn before there is snow to drive them down. At this time of year they can be at 16,000-17,000 feet or even higher.

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