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Chukotka Snow Sheep

Ovis nivacola chuktchorum


This subspecies of snow sheep is found in the Chukotka Autonomous Region of Russia. It is north of the Koryak and Magadan Regions, and east of Yakutia. Google Earth plainly shows the boundary between Koryak, Magadan, and Yakutia and the Chukotka Autonomous Region. The Chukotka region is vast, and in reality only a small portion of it is habitat for the sheep. It is believed that there are several different mountainous areas of Chukotka where the sheep can be found, but not in large numbers.


They are about the same size as Dall sheep and Stone sheep. Chukotka sheep are much lighter than other snow sheep. As a thin horn sheep, the subspecies horns are rarely broomed. The Chukotka is one of the smallest bodied of the Russian snow sheep.


Steep, rugged terrain with nearby grassy pastures, in alpine and arctic regions.


In 2015, for the first time several GSCO members successfully hunted snow sheep in the Chukotka Autonomous Region of Russia. At present, the only hunting areas believed to have legal permits are the areas very near the borders with Magadan and possibly Koryak regions.

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