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Dall Sheep

Ovis dalli dalli


Most of Alaska’s mountain ranges; the extreme northwestern corner of British Columbia; the northern and western Yukon Territory; and the Mackenzie Mountains in the Northwest Territories.


The Dall sheep is pure white, with amber hoofs and horns. The horns are slimmer than in other North American sheep, more triangular in cross section and relatively longer. Horn conformation varies with region, some ranges featuring sheep with tight curls, others with more flare; however, the typical mature Dall ram has horns that flare outward at the tips after making a full curl. Dall sheep are somewhat smaller and slimmer than Stone sheep.


Alpine country, including glacier edges, below permanent snow line. Essential elements are steep, rugged cliffs and rock outcroppings for escape from predators, and nearby meadows for feeding.


The Dall ram is currently the least difficult and least expensive North American sheep to hunt. Dall sheep numbers are high and are stable throughout their range. Dall hunts in Alaska are typically conducted on foot from fly-in camps. All hunts in northwestern British Columbia are horse hunts. The Yukon offers horse hunts and fly-in hunts. The Northwest Territories offers horse hunts, fly-in hunts, riverboat hunts and strenuous backpack hunts. On horse hunts, the horses are used only on the approach, with the actual stalk made on foot.

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