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Gansu Argali

Ovis ammon dalailamae


China, where it is found in the Altun Mountains of Xinjiang, and the Qilian Mountains in Gansu and adjacent parts of Qinghai.


Shoulder height about 45 inches, weight 200-220 pounds. The winter coat is chestnut-brown on the back, grayish-brown on the sides, with the underparts, rump and inside of legs white. A dark streak extends down the front of the legs. The head is brown, the muzzle white. Rams have a long, white ruff that almost surrounds the neck. The horns are heavy and tightly curled, with little or no flare.


Chinese authorities agree that this argali is known to be plentiful, even though both CITES and the USF&WS consider the Gansu argali a form of Tibetan argali, under which they list it, respectively, on Appendix I and as endangered.

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