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Gobi Argali

Ovis ammon darwini


The Gobi Desert in southern Mongolia (south of latitude 45° and east of longitude 97°) and northern China.


Weight 300 pounds or more. One of the largest argalis, with horns similar to those of an Altay argali, being nearly as massive but a little shorter. Upper parts are a variegated yellowish-brown; the flanks and front of thighs are a more uniform darker brown.


Most of the rams found in the Gobi Desert have a true “desert look” to them. In past years, many rams taken from the Hangay Mountains (north of the Gobi Desert) have been called Gobi argalis. Rarely do Gobi argalis reach 18” bases. However, in recent years there have been a few specimens with horns over 50” in length. This is attributable to low hunting pressure in the Gobi regions. Horn lengths of 45” and less are more common.

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