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Hangay Argali

Ovis ammon ssp [hangaii]


The range of the Hangay argali includes not only Öshig Mountain, but also the rest of the Hangay Range to the north. Map coordinates are roughly 45° 30' N x 101° 30' E. Öshig Mountain is south of the town of Bayanteeg and north of Baruunbayan in South Hangay Province


Weight 350 pounds or more. One of the largest argalis, with horns similar to those of an Altay argali, being nearly as massive but a little shorter (and larger than the Gobi argali). Upper parts are a variegated yellowish-brown; the flanks and front of thighs are a more uniform darker brown.


The Hangay argali category was established in 1997 for record-keeping purposes. During the first half of the 1980s, many hunters took rams in this area, which was then advertised as the "mid-Altay." They were told they were hunting Altay argalis that were a little smaller than those in the West Altay, but at lower prices. Then in the 1990s other hunters were taken to the same mountain to hunt what they were told were very large Gobi argalis at premium prices.

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