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Hume Argali

Ovis ammon humei


Kyrgyzstan; with the Naryn River as the northern boundary and the height of land of the Ferganskiy Mountains as the southern boundary.


It can weigh up to 300 pounds. Although similar to the Marco Polo argali in size and coloration, its horns are shorter, heavier, and have less flare.


There has been a controversy for many years about this particular argali. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service recognizes only two subspecies from Kyrgyzstan, the Tian Shan argali (found north of the Naryn River) and the Marco Polo (found south of the Naryn River). However, many knowledgeable hunters and scientists contend that there are three different subspecies of argalis in Kyrgyzstan. The GSCO trophy classification committee decided in January 2003 to officially recognize the Hume argali, although SCI still lists it under the Marco Polo argali category. This argali is importable into the U.S. as a Marco Polo.

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