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Kara Tau Argali

Ovis ammon nigrimontana


Kara Tau Mountains (250 miles in length) in southern Kazakhstan just north of the Syr Darya River. The name Kara Tau means Black Mountain in the Kazakh language.


One of the smallest bodied argali, only marginally larger than the Severtzov argali and the larger urials. The coat is brownish with a cinnamon or rusty tinge on the upper part of the body, with belly and rump being whitish. A pronounced ruff grows on the chest and front part of the neck.


For some reason, there is no specific category in the SCI Record Book for the Kara Tau argali. In the archives of GSCO, there are nine entries for this species: H.I.H. Prince Abdorreza; Donald Cox; Hector Cuellar; Soudy Golabchi; Jose “Pepe” Madrazo; Sherwin Scott; M. Gomez Sequeria; Hubert Thummler; and Jesus Yuren.

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