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Kashmir Markhor

Capra falconeri cashmiriensis


Afghanistan: Laghman Province and the Bashgul River area. Pakistan: Chitral District, along the Kunar River from Shogore to Arandu on the west bank and to Drosh on the east bank, and up its tributary the Matuj River as far as Barenis; Dir District, along the upper Panjkora River; and Swat District on the cliffs east ofhamsberi, Kaj-i-Nag, and Pir Panjal ranges.


A large markhor with massive horns that usually are the longest of the species. The coat and ruff are similar to those of the Astor race. Typically, Kashmir markhor horns have slight to moderate flare with 2-3 spiral twists. Most horns within its distribution range are of this type; however, straighter horns of the Kabul type have occurred in the Chitral District.

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