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Konya Mouflon

Ovis gmelini anatolica


Turkey; The Konya mouflon is found south of the town of Nallihan around the Sariyar Lake/Reservoir. It can also be found in Konya and the town of Karaman in the Taurus Mountains of southern Turkey.


Shoulder height about 30 inches, weight about 110 pounds. Overall color is reddish-brown, with the chest and fronts of upper forelegs a darker brown. There is a narrow brown flank band and a grayish saddle patch. Under parts, rump patch, lower legs, muzzle, area around the eyes and inside of ears is white. There is no bib. The horns are supracervical, curving above and behind the neck.


The Konya mouflon was brought nearly to extinction from poaching. In order to save it, the Turkish Government gathered the remaining few animals and placed them into an enclosure near Nallihan on the Sariyar Lake/Reservoir. After many years the breeding program was successful and the number of animals grew to a point where they could be released into the wild. Currently there are free-ranging populations in the Nallihan area as well as near Konya and Karaman. GSCO does recognize the sheep that are taken in the very large enclosure near Nallihan. GSCO Executive Director, Dennis Campbell, was the first to take one of the free-ranging Konya mouflons that had been released from captivity from the Nallihan enclosure into the wild.

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