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Koryak Snow Sheep

Ovis nivacola koriakorum


Eastern Siberia, Russia, Koryak Mountains, North of 60º N, and East of the Penzhina River, South of the 64º N.


Weight 180-230 pounds. Color is grayish-brown or grizzled. The white rump patch is rather small and is divided by a dark stripe that continues down the tail. Muzzle is white, but the brown facial band, which so strongly characterizes the Verkhoyansk population to the west, is almost lost.


Steep, rugged terrain with nearby grassy pastures, in alpine and arctic region.


Very similar in coloration to the Kamchatka snow sheep, but about 30% smaller, the white muzzle and rump patch are not as pronounced. This compact sheep has shorter legs in proportion to the body than its southern cousin. Individuals found at the northern extremity of the Koryak Range, exhibit characteristics of the Chukotka snow sheep, which has a heavier, lighter coat, of soft, wooly hair.

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